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Prospective Member Application FormProspective Member Recommendation FormMembership Chairsmembership,applicationpdf
Buckhead 2017 Scrapbook (2017)Buckhead's 2017 awards submissionScrapbookspdf
Buckhead 2017 Scrapbook (2017)my scrapbookScrapbooks
2017-18 Creating a District Grant RequestFive and half minute video showing how to create and update a grant request in the system.Presidents, Presidents-Elect, Foundation Chairs, Service Chairs, Videos
Buckhead Youth Protection Policy2-page pdf of the club Youth Protection PolicyPresidents, Presidents-Elect, Service Chairsyouth, protectionpdf
Hillside Lecture Series - Likely Questions from StudentsThis is a list of questions likely to be asked of you.PDF
Outline for STEAM presentationA suggested outline for your presentationdocx
Sponsor Responsibilities1-page overview of new member Sponsor ResponsibilitiesPresidents, Membership Chairssponsor,membership