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We have an opportunity to rid the world of Polio. In 1950 Polio was rampant in 122 countries including the USA with over 350,000 cases. At the start of 2012, transmission of the wild poliovirus had been interrupted in all but three countries (Nigeria, Pakistan, and Afghanistan). This progress is the result of the remarkable collaborative efforts of Rotary International, the CDC, WHO, UNICEF and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

While this is great progress, it is imperative that we remain steadfast. Polio is a contagious disease and travelers can reintroduce this disease into a country at any time – including the USA and Georgia. Until eradication is complete, no child anywhere is safe.

In order to help this effort, we commit $5,000 a year to the effort.

The Committee is charged with identification of worthy projects based on a needs analysis that is done jointly with another club in a District outside the US. For the RY 2012-13, the Committee is in the process of applying for two Matching Grants, both with RC Guayaquil, Ecuador. The first has been in process for almost two years and will provide wheel chairs to a hospital in Guayaquil. The second is a "reverse" grant that will support a literacy project at school in an underserved area of Atlanta. Proposals for both grants have been accepted by RI and the applications for the grants will be submitted in the last few months of calendar 2012.

The purpose of the Global Grant Scholarship is to forge a link between Rotary and the development of skilled professionals aligned with one of the Rotary Foundation’s six areas of focus. District 6900 offers up to two Global Grant Scholarships for qualified students each academic year. District 6900 seeks to identify candidates who:

  • Possess excellent leadership skills and potential
  • Demonstrate a proven record of success in academic field and/or vocation
  • Demonstrate a commitment to community service
  • Have well defined and realistic goals for academic and professional future
  • Plan to pursue a career in one of the six areas of focus
  • Understand the aims and values of Rotary

This is a perfect way to build relationships with and encourage new generation talent. It also builds strong relationships with local universities, colleges, businesses and other organizations in our communities that represent excellent sources of qualified candidates.

Sponsor Clubs like ours are the first to interview candidates. We help to ascertain that the candidate fully understands the goals and eligibility criteria of the Global Grants Scholarship and develops an understanding of Rotary. If our candidate is selected by the district after district interviews, RC Buckhead serves as an ongoing source of education about Rotary during the time prior to his/her departure.

During the scholar’s year(s) of study, club members maintain contact with the student through email, blogs, etc. This is an excellent way to convey the club’s support for the scholar while giving club members the opportunity to see their Foundation dollars at work. Upon return to the District, we invite the scholar to make a presentation at a club meeting and to assist with scheduling of presentations at other clubs or district events.

Since 1946, Rotarians in the state of Georgia, USA, have promoted world peace through understanding by offering scholarships to international students for one year of study in Georgia colleges and universities. It is a unilateral scholarship, not an exchange program, nor is it a needs based scholarship. All three Georgia Districts participate in the program. Georgia Rotary Clubs sponsor students recommended by a Rotary Club in their home country. In Georgia, the students become adopted members of a Rotarian “host family”, living on campus at the school they attend. Each year more than 50 students from all over the world make friends in the US and learn about differing cultures and life styles. Rotarians believe that ‘Peace is Possible’ and through GRSP Georgia Rotarians promote international goodwill through the bonds of friendship and understanding.

The scholarship covers one scholastic year from August to May, and is for undergraduate study in colleges and universities located in the state of Georgia. It pays for tuition, book allowance, meals, and a dorm room at the college. Applicants must provide for transportation from and return to their home country, medical insurance, $3000 spending money, and must pay any taxes imposed by any government on the scholarship.

To be eligible, a student must be able to pass an English proficiency test; meet the entrance requirements, including GPA, of the school they will attend; be 18 but not 25 years of age by August 1 of the year that the studies begin; must be an undergraduate and must have not studied in the USA. They must be single and remain single for the duration of the scholarship.

Since this program is unique to Georgia, every Georgia Rotarian has an obligation to publicize the GRSP program, especially when visiting foreign Rotary Clubs. For more information, or to obtain application information, please contact: GRSP, P.O. Box 61327, Savannah, Georgia, 31420; phone 912-961-1331; or on the web at

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The Sister Club Committee is charged with establishing a three year relationship with a sister Rotary club outside the United States. The purpose of the Sister Club program is to foster international, cultural and social relationships with our sister club. The center piece of our relationship is focused on completing an international service project of need in the sister club's country. Reciprocal projects have also been completed in the Atlanta area supported by our sister clubs. We are discussing a new sister club relationship currently. Previous sister club relationships have been with Rotary clubs in Curacao, Guayaquil, Fiji, Turkey and Estonia.

For almost 100 years, Rotary International has arranged high school student exchanges around the globe. Today, the Rotary Youth Exchange program is one of the largest and most respected high school exchange student programs in the world. Each year, nearly 9000 high school students participate in Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE), and we have now launched the program for Georgia students and families in district 6900 to participate in exchanges as well.

Click here for more information about the program.

Here's a link to our District's Youth Protection Policy. If you wish to report abuse, click this link and then the red Report Abuse button.

See the link below for the Rotary Club of Buckhead’s Youth Protection Policy.

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